Building a better Group Policy backup with Powershell

January 18, 2019 PowerShell, Group-Policy, Scripts

I have always been a bit frustrated with the built-in group policy cmdlets included from Microsoft. Don't get me wrong, they work absolutely fine, but sometimes they don't work in a way that makes them easy to use. To highlight this fact, I recently wrote an article over at 4sysops describing my experiences with the Backup-GPO cmdlet and the output of the cmdlet.

Instead of dealing with an output I didn't like, I built a better backup tool using the existing cmdlets that gives me the output in a much easier format to understand than what is possible with the cmdlets on their own.

I invite you to follow the link below and read my article on Building a better Group Policy backup tool with PowerShell. You can find the article here .

Please let me know what you think in the comments below or at the 4sysops website. I hope you find this tool a useful addition to your sysadmin toolkit! Your feedback and comments are always welcome!