Join me on the PowerScripting Podcast

April 15, 2020 Community

I am super excited and totally humbled to be a guest on the PowerScripting Podcast on Wednesday, April 15th at 9 pm EST (tonight if you're reading this post via RSS feed). Use this tool to find out the time in your timezone.

The podcast is a really interesting concept where the hosts, Jonathan Walz and Hal Rottenberg broadcast live on YouTube and then release the recording at a later date as a podcast. Being that the podcast is recorded live, you can join the live feed and fire up some questions that we'll discuss.

The show's premise is great because it's a totally unscripted conversation. We'll be talking community and related topics but, because it's unscripted, who knows where we'll end up! I love the idea of not knowing where the conversation will lead because usually you stumble into some exciting topics that can be interesting and though-provoking.

If this sounds like something you interested in, then i'd love for you to join me. The live feed can be found here: YouTube Live feed . If you miss the live feed, the podcast gets released sometime later and can be found on most major podcast platforms. I listen with PlayerFM and the link to the show on that platform is PowerScripting Podcast . The podcast is also hosted online at